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Kannada movie Gokula has high expectations

Posted by pallavi at Wednesday, November 25, 2009
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Sandalwood News:

What shoot up the expectations is not only the presence of talented Prakash the super hit films director but also because of his choices of good scripts and star cast.

All his films in the past like “Kushi, Sri, Rishi, Vamshi, Milana” kept up the hopes and Prakash is now in a family entertainer ‘Gokula’ that is releasing on this Friday 27th
November 2009 all over Karnataka. This is the six directorial venture and going to be a big hit of acclaimed director Prakash.

This movie is starring Vijaya Raghavendra another talented buddy with co stars Pooja Gandhi the Mungaru Male heroine, Yash, Nakshatra debut (she is the daughter of
star couple director D Rajendra Babu and actress Sumithra) Pawan, Raghuraj, Srinivasamurthy, Sumithra and others.

This movie is about 4 orphans who come out from the orphan house and outside world is something new and every moment is surprising for them and they land up in the
house of aged people and this is when the aged people will be looking for their lost children.

How do they react with the four intruders and how the family of elderly citizens become Nanda Gokula is the film all about. The movie is with lot of entertainment values
and the movie mainly focuses on Vijaya Raghavendra. He plays a talkative role in this movie and had four friends Yash, Pavan and Raghuraj.

Actor Srinivasamurthy says that his role is so intense and it reminds him the one played Venkatrao Talageri in ‘Vamshavruksha’. Nakshatra the daughter of star couple
has raised a small hope in growing in Kannada film industry.

This movie is by Abhaya creations with story, screenplay and production by Prakash.MS Ramesh has penned the dialogues. Mano Murthy has scored the music. Jayanth
Kaikini and Dhananjya have penned the songs.

Kick start to the Kannada Movie ‘Naanu…Nanna Kanasu’

Posted by pallavi at Monday, November 23, 2009
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Sandalwood News:

The debutant director and joint producer Prakash Rai and B Suresha made immaculate arrangements to kick start the Kannada film ‘Naanu…Nanna Kanasu’ with a very affectionate touch to it, at the Karnataka State Lawn Tennis Association on Saturday evening.

The important persons of Kannada film industry like Golden star Ganesh the youngest father, Yogaraj Bhat, Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar, V Ravichandran, Ramesh Aravind, and Ravi Belegere read out the letter to their real life daughters while Vishveshveshwara Bhat the editor of popular daily Vijaya Karnataka in real life father to a son assuming a daughter read out a lengthy letter.

Prior to this the daughter of Prakash Raj in eel life story lighted the lamp with daughters of Prakash Rai and B Suresha – Prakruhi, Nischita, Chandana, Pooj and Meghana.

Prakash said,"For emotions there is no search of a language. My speed of life, turns, goals, jumps and flies surpassed in life and this is another sphere of life in my life.
This is one more phase in my life. I have jelled with many languages, people in the last. Now I am with my dream. ‘Kamanabillu Bili Banna ago Prayathna’! What I have

seen I am putting down on the screen in my first direction. This is like Hoovu and Parimala, birth and life – the intimacy of father and daughter has smiles, happiness, displeasure etc in this film. This is a ‘Sadagara and Sambrama’ evening for me said Prakash Raj in a flawless Kannada."

A special song Putta Putta Kai… two paragraphs which was made for this movie was sung after the lighting the lamp. Top music director Hamsalekha arrangedhe orchestra for five songs Sevanthige Chandinantha….Chinna Ninna Mudhdhaduve…Hadondha Haduve….Muddina Giliye Baaro…Harsha, Latha Hamsalekha, and Usha sister of Sadhu Kokila rendered the songs.

‘Shambo Shankara’- Movie with the mixture of mythology and sociology

Posted by pallavi at Saturday, November 21, 2009
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Sandalwood News:

‘Shambo Shankara’ is a comedy movie with the mixture of mythology and sociology. This script of the movie is written by the famous ad designer Masthan has at last
getting ready.

This script was ready before three years itself but it was kept near the window for a long time that caught rain became unreadable later. Masthan lost his temper, but he
narrated the gist of his script at the time of shooting of ‘Eshtu Nagthi Nagu’ to the third generation of Chindodi family Vijayakumar and got it going later.

After this incident Masthan prepared 65 plus scenes and he is tremendously happy for his story coming up on the silver screen. Krishna, Yama, Naradha have come on
earth on Kannada screen and now its Shiva and Parvathi's turn says Masthan.

According to him this film will be ‘Mrushtanna Bojana’ but it was heard as ‘Masthana Bojana’. Then it is biryani Oota said actor Srinivasamurthy and Srinivasamurthy
(our colleague PGS)!

The movie was previously titled as ‘Parvathi Parameshwara’ went on floor 20 days back and now it is 70 percent ready. At Abhiman Studio the Kailasa set erected by
Babu Khan completed a ‘Laali’ song.

This movie is especially for the people who says ‘Devaru Andhiguntu Indhigilla and will take 15 more days to complete the shooting. The film focus on the point for
ordinary people the god makes blessing. How Lord Shiva and Parvathi set right the two families is the crux of the film.
Umesh is Naradha in this film. This is the second time he is playing the Naradha the mythological mobile phone! Mohan, Naveen Krishna, Vijajakumar, Ravi Chetan,
Roopasri are also in the film.

Olave Vismaya Audio release

Posted by pallavi at Wednesday, November 18, 2009
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Sandalwood News:

Olave Vismaya audio release was made at the town of coconut Tiptur of ‘Olave Vismaya’ the emergence of challenging star Darshan on stage created a booing moment.

The crowd, atmosphere was like a festival feel in Tiptur the birth place of producer Lingaraju. It was a big turn out and entertaining programs was also good one.

Producer Lingaraju said that he was impressed with the subject narrated by director Nageshkumar and it was Jayaram who came to his help and with fresh talent they decided to make the film.

Director Nagesh Kumar disclosed that, 5000 audio and one thousand cassettes were sold on the audio release day and hence was very confident about the movie winning in the Kannada film box office.

Music director Veera Samrath said that, the film music is different from other movies. This is the first independent movie of the actor Dharma Keerthiraj.

Prathiba Rani was bit extra over confident in her address at the audio release. I have totally entered in to my role to perform disclosed Rani. Spoorthi is the other heroine of this film.

Two songs of the movie are yet to be completed and will be shot in the spots of Chikkamagalur.

Existing weekly rental for theatres has been replaced by the percentage basis

Posted by pallavi at
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Sandalwood News:

The existing weekly rental for theatres has been replaced by percentage basis of sharing the collection per week basis because of the combined efforts of the small producers of Kannada Film Producers Association and Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce!

This system already exists in the adjacent states. The big films would definitely have some difficulty in sharing a big chunk to the exhibitors when the theatre is completely houseful for the 28 shows plus of the particular week. In this case the benefactor is exhibitor.

All hail the decision. Let us say big cheers to Kannada film producers!